H1N1 Vaccine Dangers

The vaccine against H1N1 is a real demand and no shortage of this vaccine. Some people think it is dangerous, while others are looking for him. Currently, for children, pregnant women and people with health problems. According to CDC officials, egg-based vaccine production is slower than expected, and the demand, making shortages in many hospitals and health ministries.

Received PandemicFluOnline.com States President Obama daughters, Malia and Sasha both your immunization against swine flu. The President and First Lady waits dose. You will be shortly after that "the people in priority groups" to receive the vaccine.

Yesterday, in Sweden, some deaths have been reported. He was with heart and lung disease and died at the age of 90 years and disease not disclosed.
Many Irish children fell ill after taking the vaccine. Rhys Fletcher was 15 years with the H1N1 virus, after he fell seriously ill and is diagnosed in the hospital.
The risk of the vaccine is the real danger for pregnant women. They are on their lives and the lives of newborns. It is feared that some of the dangers of the H1N1 vaccine mercury-based preservative has autism.

The reports of deaths in Ireland and Sweden, that people are afraid of the vaccine starts to hesitate to use them.

On 20 October, a national association of obstetrics has clearly shown that the preservative in a vaccine against H1N1 is safe for pregnant women.
H1N1 has about 477 people in the United States, of which 40 children were killed. When the CDC issued a limited number of bottles of flu vaccine for people at high risk against swine flu vaccine. However, the defect should be discussed in November, and everyone can be vaccinated too.
Pregnant women have an increased risk of infection, because, as the fetus grows the pressure on the lungs, making breathing difficult, and women have deep breaths. In addition, results in the immune system, in fact, an easy target for H1N1.
Specia l precautions in case of too many children because they easily be infected in the schools.
Meanwhile, hospitals complaining of shortage of vaccine. CDC officials have said it is difficult to prepare the vaccine and thus may be delayed. Nevertheless, we see no reason to panic and federal authorities have promised to make vaccines widely available in November