Alternative Therapy and Complimentary Medicine for Leukemia

I recently learned that the daughter of a friend with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia was diagnosed. My recent research on the treatment of complementary and alternative medicine has shown me that the chemotherapy is prescribed in the rule to leukemia actually weakens the immune system.
Immediately I began to supplement therapy and research on alternative medicine, natural medicine, that my friend can use with conventional chemotherapy recommended by your doctor.

Alternative Therapy and complementary medicine for leukemia, focusing on strengthening the immune system. Both leukemia and conventional treatments that weaken the immune system. Complementary medicine taken in combination with conventional therapy, the patients immune system to fight the power, to the disease. Alternative therapy in the form of free medicines to contribute as below also help kill cancer cells and prevents the formation of new lists.

Complimentary Medicine for Leukemia:


Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and other legumes contain the antioxidants and other nutrients needed to fight free radicals that cause cancer and destroy the immune system. All these foods contain the highest concentration of antioxidants available. Raw foods also work to flush toxins from the body so it can better fight the leukemia.

Complimentary Medicine for Leukemia: Vitamin A
A recent study showed Vitamin A to be 33% effective in curing leukemia even without chemotherapy. This percentage may not seem high until compared with the success rate of chemotherapy on most cancers, which is a mere 2%.